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Jeremy Stutes coached the lead actors for feature films for Netflix and Amazon Studios. He also coached the entire cast of an original musical. Jeremy specializes in dialect coaching and accent reduction for actors and public speakers and draws from his years of experience as a native American English speaker working in the world of entertainment and politics in Los Angeles.


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Jeremy has over 10 years of cumulative on-set experience in Hollywood ranging from films like David Fincher’s The Social Network to TV shows like Glee. He has worked with NBC / Universal, ABC / Disney, Amazon, GMM, and Netflix.  In 2019, he starred opposite Mark Dacascos in the Lionsgate Feature Film, The Driver.


Jeremy was an educator for Apple in Santa Monica for 7 years. There, he learned best practices in experiential education and techniques to increase speed of learning and knowledge retention. He combines these techniques in his coaching to make dialect coaching and accent reduction easy and fun.


Jeremy loves helping actors reach the next level, whether it’s navigating a transition to acting in the USA or simply finding ways to comfortably and clearly express themselves in the English language.

He is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.

For samples of Jeremy's dialect coaching work, view the videos below:

Jeremy is available to provide dialect coaching and acting coaching 

on film and stage productions worldwide.

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