I Voted for Biden and I Don't Hate You

Donald Trump sent an email out today saying that the “Fake News media” is trying to cover up the story about violence against Trump supporters in Washington D.C. (even though the story was covered by numerous sources) and then he went on to say “The Left HATES YOU!” I signed up for Trump’s campaign emails because I find value in listening to both sides and beyond giving them a glance, I usually ignore them. However, with all that is going on in the world, this one definitely warrants a reply.

I voted for Biden and I don’t hate you.

I hate the rhetoric. I hate that his message is trying to turn us against one another. I’m disturbed that he’s trying to undermine America’s faith in our democratic system by leveraging a series of frivolous lawsuits that are getting dismissed in courts of law. I’m sickened by his politicization of a global pandemic. I’m hurt by his decisions regarding LGBTQ+ issues. I hate the constant attacks on the free press whenever they are critical of our elected leader and attempt to hold him accountable even though that’s literally why the free press exists.

I’m tired of his bullying and name-calling and the revolving door of his own administration. I’m saddened that his leadership has damaged the international opinion of the United States of America and has cast doubt on the efficacy of our democratic values.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. In fact I know I’m not.

But I don’t hate you. The left doesn’t hate you. We wonder how you can vote for him after these four years. We understand that our bubble of news is different from your bubble of news and many of us try to see both sides. We’re having a hard time understanding why you don’t see it the way we do, and how this always results in name-calling, attacks, character defamation, retorts, and hyperbolic hypotheticals instead of accepting the existence of evidence-based problems and then working together to find realistic solutions.

I think that’s what we all want, right? We want government that solves problems. We want a government that works for us as people. We want a nation where opportunity exists for ALL Americans and we can start our own businesses and make our dreams come true. We want a place where love is a shared value, our streets are safe to walk down, and our water is clean to drink. We want a place where kindness, working together and giving back are commonly held principles. That’s what most of us are looking for in leadership, and I guess we on the Left just don’t understand how you can claim to love your neighbor and then support a guy like this who is so clearly trying to deepen our divisions.

May we all have the courage to listen with love, and to grow from those conversations.

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